Amanda Sanders

Fall Trends For Woman & Men

Amanda Sanders
Fall Trends For Woman & Men

Fall Trends For Woman

Animal Print Wear

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Did you know that animal prints have come back with a vengeance? From realistic patterns of snakes to leopards, fashion has come to explore its wilder side. Whether you are slithering in your knee-high snake boots or prowling around the streets in an tiger-print jacket, animal-prints are going to stampede its way in Fall 2019. If you already haven’t invested in one, it is time to do it now.


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While “plain janes” always get a bad reputation, monochromatic dressing is a new way to style yourself in a very simple, cleaner way. Not only does it let you mix textures with one color, there is something inherently striking as you will be bold in just one color. While wearing different colors and various textures might look too exotic, wearing one color hue will bring your outfit together and it will bright out depth and dimension. Truly, you’ll look fantastic from every angle.

Let the Skirts Fall Down 

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Ankle grazing skirts are much needed this fall as knee-high boots are slowly fading away. These skirts are effortless as you can buy plaid, polka-dot, floral, or even neon styles. You can either be curvy, slim, or petite, but these skirts will not fail to look good on you. While mini skirts used to take the fall by a storm, low hemline skirts are in line to step Fall 2019 into style.

Fall Trends For Men

Rock & Roll Comes Back: Leather

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Leather is everywhere: leather jackets, leather shoes, leather bags, & leather shirts. Season after season, leather appears in every runway and is now considered a staple in everyone’s wardrobe. So why not let leather be an active part of your style? Even more, why not make it colorful? Wearing either burgundy, brown, or any fall-related color can spice up your style and make you look bold yet chic. Truly, all you need is to rock and roll in your leather.

Stumped on what to wear? Take a look at Metallic clothing

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Out with the old, in with the new and that is--metallic. While it is easy to pick out a nude style or plaid, why not mix it up with metallic? These shiny, rich, and reflective colors represent luxury and chic without feeling shame. If wearing all metallic is too much, mixing it with denim or streetwear staples can highlight your look and give you a slick, futuristic flare.

Layer-It-Up: Quarter-zip sweater/Turtlenecks/Jean jacket

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Whether it is summer or fall, layering is a crucial technique for men. Layering allows men to feel comfortable and cozy while looking fashionable. Either layering with textures or colors, layering can bring dimension and warmth without adding bulk. As they say, the more layers, the merrier.

Loosier, Cozier, Warmer: Baggy Pants

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It is now time to get in the baggy grove. While skinny jeans and pants have dominated the fashion industry, it is now time to enter a new cut of pants. Baggy pants can give you structure, texture, and comfort all in one go. With the added volume, you are bound to look like an intentional fashion mistake gone right.