Amanda Sanders
Amanda Sanders
Best NYC Personal Shopper & Fashion Consultant

Closet Makeover


Do you get up every day and stare at your closet without a clue what clothes to get into? Well it’s not just you, a lot of people struggle with their closet even of its full of expensive stuff. The idea of an image makeover essentially starts with a closet makeover. If you wish to engage the services of a wardrobe stylist and a closet makeover then there is no one better than Amanda Sanders.  Amanda provides closet makeover and wardrobe makeover services based on her client’s personal needs. She will act as your closet consultant when you are in dire need of it without wasting your time or money.

Amanda Sanders is a wardrobe stylist and closet consultant with years of experience in the industry. She will completely turn around your closet and will never ignore any clothes or accessory in your wardrobe.


How to make the most of your existing wardrobe?

You have already spent a great deal of time and money on building a wardrobe, now let Amanda show you how to make the most of it in just a few hours.

Our Shop Your Closet package includes:

  • A 30-minute image consultation with our wardrobe stylist at your home or hotel to evaluate your current style and personal goals.
  • Amanda will supply you with beauty makeover tips and grooming recommendations, while discarding any old and unflattering makeup and personal care products.
  • A 2-hour closet makeover and wardrobe styling session, where we will get rid of all of your unwanted and unflattering pieces. Sharing our tricks of the trade with you, Amanda will teach you how to create new looks with your existing clothing and accessories. In addition, we suggest you photograph these outfits to create a personal style album to refer to!
  • She'll also pin the pieces that will be updated with minor alterations so that a tailor can administer these changes.
  • Amanda will help you separate all of your unwanted or unflattering pieces of value, so that they can be sent to a consignment store or a thrift shop for a tax write-off.
  • A 30-minute online shopping spree, where she will compile a list of the minor purchases that you will need to upgrade your image and wardrobe for coming season.

After booking your Shop Your Closet package, we will provide you with a closet prep list to help you prepare for your wardrobe and closet makeover and maximize our time together.