Madeline Katz

Women's Fall Fashion Forecast 2019

Madeline Katz
Women's Fall Fashion Forecast 2019

With New York Fashion Week coming to a close, Fall is quickly approaching. September has hit and it’s time to revamp your wardrobe for the new season. This season it’s all about Capes, feathers, asymmetrical necklines, padded shoulders and small bags. Colors to incorporate are purple and gold. This fall, fashion is fun, flirty and fearless. Let’s get shopping!


Capes are a trend you are going to love this fall. Just like your favorite jacket, they are easy to wear and can go with everything, as long as you shop wisely! Sometimes trends can be challenging and you pick pieces you’ll only wear once or twice. But if you shop smartly, you can buy trendy yet timeless pieces that will last and match with clothes for years to come. A tan cape or even a black velvet capes are choices that are perfect for now and later!

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Feathers are a fun fall fashion trend that will be making appearances on a number of different clothes and accessories. Feather fringe is one way to wear this trend, either on jeans, a top or even a dress! Feathers on shoes, bags and even earrings are all other places this trend will be popping up.

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Another trend to keep in mind is the asymmetrical neckline trend. Usually this type of neckline is seen on more formal wear, but this season it’s popping up on tees, blouses, dresses, and more. You can dress your asymmetrical neckline tee down with jeans and sneakers or take it up a notch with a skirt and pumps. Silk blouses with asymmetrical necklines are another way to wear this trend as well as on a dress, whether that be for work or play.

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This next trend is a bit of a throwback – padded shoulders! This is an easy trend to incorporate into your fall wardrobe with blazers, moto jackets, dresses and even tops. A plaid blazer is a fun way to incorporate this fall pattern and the padded shoulder trend into one!


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Lastly, little, tiny, baby bags are the next big thing for fall! Though these might not be the most practical option, they are fun and cute and come in so many different patterns and colors. You probably won’t use one during the day, but at night they are perfect! Buy a statement one to match with your little black outfits or keep it more neutral with a metallic gold or matte black so you can get more use out of it.

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