Amanda Sanders
Amanda Sanders
NYC's Top Fashion Consultant & Personal Shopper

Why you should use Amanda Sanders instead of a styling service like Stitchfix, Trunk Club or Trendy Butler

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How Amanda Sanders compares to online styling services

Today there are endless options when choosing someone or some service to help style you. A brand like StitchFix or Trunk Club may sound convenient as everything is done online and your clothes are shipped to you making it so you don’t even have to leave your couch while someone does all the shopping for you. However, with a service like this, options are limited and the process is much less tailored to you. With an online service, the clothing chosen for you is only from what they have in their collection, whereas working with a personal stylist, they will shop for you from anywhere. Not only will your wardrobe be diverse, but a personal stylist that you work with at least for part of the time in-person will have a better understanding of your body type, skin color and with that overall the clothes that will look best on you.

Personal stylists don’t only just offer you outfit options like an online styling service will. They can connect you with hair stylists, cosmetic doctors, makeup artists and a plethora of other professionals that they work with to give you the ultimate treatment. Amanda Sanders, specifically, offers personal shopping, closet makeovers, career styling, celebrity styling and so on. She focuses on making you look great and not just getting you great clothes. Clothing really just complements the entire look and if your hair or makeup is off then so will your look. With someone like Amanda Sanders, she can give you all the needed attention to help you that an online styling service can’t do. In addition, after working with one for some time, they will even shop for you online, but initially meeting with a stylist in person will give you the best results as clothing isn’t just about what’s on trend but it’s about what will best fit your personality and body type!

So before you sign up for a service like stitch fix, just remember how much more you’ll get out of working with a personal stylist that you’ll actually meet so they can tailor the session to meet you needs so that you’ll get the most out of your money and time spent!

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