Madeline Katz

Men’s Summer Wedding Essentials

Madeline Katz
Men’s Summer Wedding Essentials

Summer wedding season is officially upon us! But what do you wear to a summer wedding? This can be a little tricky. From the beach to the backyard, a tux is not always the right move at a summer wedding.

Do you find yourself booked almost every weekend with a wedding? Then you better be sure your closet is stocked with the following.

Well Suited Pocket Squares

Whether you’re at a black-tie wedding or a casual wedding on the beach, you can’t go wrong with a pocket square. The best part about Well Suited pocket squares is that they are pre-folded and all you have to do is slip it in your pocket. It is easy as 1, 2, 3 and immediately elevates an outfit.

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Light-Colored Suit

You do not want to be in a thick black suit at a beach wedding. Be sure to add a tan or lighter hued suit to your closet otherwise you’ll be swearing and uncomfortable. A light-colored suit can be dressed up for a wedding, but you can also dress it down. Pair the jacket with jean for a casual look or wear the pants with a button down for a summer dinner. You will definitely get a lot of wear out of a light-colored suit.

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Loafers/Leather Sneakers

Depending on how formal the wedding it, tan loafers or a white leather sneaker will do the trick. These shoes are perfect for a wedding, but can also be worn throughout the summer. A white leather sneaker is a summer staple and can be paired with the light suit or throw on a t-shirt and shorts for a weekend look. Lighter loafers are perfect for a summer wedding and also for work. Both shoes should be in your closet to stay trendy, cool and comfortable this summer!


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