Amanda Sanders
Amanda Sanders
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You Won't Believe How Much Elizabeth Holmes Has Changed

By RACHEL LUBITZ| REFINERY 29 | MARCH 14, 2019 | 1:45 PM

Once upon a time, Elizabeth Holmeswas America's youngest self-made female billionaire and the head of biotech company Theranos, which promised new blood-testing procedures that would revolutionize health care. But, beginning in 2015, the cracks in Holmes' tech empire and veneer of prestige started to show, with reports trickling out that the level of technology she championed was "exaggerated" at best. In 2018, Holmes was formally indicted on charges of fraud, and now faces upwards of 20 years in prison.

With a fall this great, people are naturally obsessed with Holmes, and the many more stranger-than-fiction details of her life — wolf/dogmysterious fiancédeep baritone, and calculated image included. Inspired by Steve Jobs, she donned a uniform centered around a signature black turtleneck, and always paired it with straight blonde hair, bright lipstick, and a clean French manicure.

"She has a consistent, uniform look," says Amanda Sanders, an image consultant based in New York City. "It becomes recognizable. It’s smart in and of itself, because her look became her trademark." Ahead, see how that beauty uniform evolved — and what Holmes looks like now.