Amanda Sanders
Amanda Sanders
NYC's Top Fashion Consultant & Personal Shopper


Perhaps your wardrobe is outdated and needs a refresh, or you are re-entering the workspace? Maybe you just really hate shopping, but still want to look your best? 

Are you unhappy with the way you look? You are not alone! 

Celebrity stylist, Amanda Sanders, is your go-to-girl!  With her sophisticated style, Amanda has been helping celebrities, as well as New York's most fashionable women and men, for almost 2 decades. Let Amanda revamp your closet, get rid of all of the old items that you shouldn’t be wearing anymore and start the New Year with a fresh, new-and-improved you.

Amanda will completely upgrade your look and teach you how to look your best, no matter the occasion.

"Amanda ROCKS! I have been working with Amanda since 1997 when we began filming “The Chris Rock Show.” From there she became my longtime friend and personal stylist. She dressed me for every big event including the MTV Video Music Awards, and our biggest moment together is when she dressed me to host the Academy Awards. With her guidance I feel at my best and stood out while still being comfortable and true to myself." - Chris Rock

Amanda Sanders Featured in GQ Magazine: The Great White House Reporter Glow-Up

Thanks to the nonstop demands of cable news, the ink-stained wretches covering Trump have transformed into tightly tailored professional pundits. Read the article >>

What Does A
Fashion Consultant Do?

A personal shopper is also known as a "stylist" or "fashion consultant", and is one who provides image makeover and fashion consultation services to celebrities, fashion models, and personal clients. They hand select the finest clothing and accessories for public figures, models, celebrities as well as for their personal clients and help them to enhance their image and personal appearance. They are often assisted by a team of fashion designers, photographers, make-up artists, and hair stylists.


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