Amanda Sanders
Amanda Sanders
NYC's Top Fashion Consultant & Personal Shopper

Smart Steps to Celebrity Style

Amanda Sanders, celebrity Image Consultant, offers the insider break down on how you can look like a star in four steps.

Smart Style Step 1: Designer Retail Stores
Consignment stores sell top name-brand merchandise at a fration of their original cost. The great thing about retail stores is that they authenticate the items (no fakes allowed), only sell high-end items, and everything is either gently used or new with the tags still attached.

Smart Style Step 2: Sample Sales
Most of the top designers at some point or another hold sample sales; simply put, runway or store samples that are sold to the public at a fraction of retail prices. These sales are usually held in major metropolitan areas, and you can often find them by searching online.

Smart Style Step 3: Online Auctions
I use online auction sot recycle my wardrobe, handbag, and shoes. What I mean is that I go through my closet every so often, pull pout pieces that I no longer want and then turn around and sell them online for cold, hard cash. These items are gerally designer items that are in great shape and can fetch a good price.

Smart Style Step 4: Makeup
Having spent a good portion of my career on television and movie sets, I can give one good piece of advice: it’s not how much you pay for your makeup; it’s how you apply it. Seek out a makeup expert in your area – not someone in a department store counter who’s looking to sell you something – but an actual makeup artist who offers a lesson. For the price of makeup shopping binge, you’ll get priceless instruction.