Amanda Sanders
Amanda Sanders
NYC's Top Fashion Consultant & Personal Shopper

By Heather Hauswirth and Alexandra Klausner

May 25, 2017 | 8:23am |

Divorce doesn’t have to be ugly — if you’ve got the budget.

“My tagline is, ‘There’s no ugly women, just lazy ones,’ which is also Coco Chanel’s quote,” New York image consultant Amanda Sanders told The Post. “But it’s true.”

Sanders charges $250 an hour to give newly single women a sexy new look — and a big boost in confidence — after their split.

“If you can afford me, I’m your fairy godmother,” she said, adding that her services are the least expensive part of the process. A new wardrobe for clients can cost as much as $15,000, cosmetics $4,000 and services like teeth whitening $1,000.

Sanders’ newest client, Jen, who chose not to share her last name, said the price is worth it now that she’s separated from her husband.

“Obviously, change is scary, but change is all about what I’m going through right now, so I think taking this step with my separation has been the biggest change, and now I can handle anything,” Jen said.

Jen’s first step in her makeover process was finding a glamorous dress from the Vivaldi Boutique on the Upper East Side, followed by teeth whitening at Dr. Mojan Fajiram’s office and facial fillers with Dr. Norman Rowe.

“Unlike real cosmetic surgery and going under the knife, fillers are this magical way to really look rejuvenated in an hour,” Sanders said.

After facial treatments, Sanders took Jen to Emir, a hairstylist and makeup artist, to finish her look.

“After you’ve aged a little bit, after you’ve had children, after you’ve neglected yourself for your family or job or whatever it is … to sort of have that polished version of yourself to go off and show the world is exciting, and it’s refreshing,” Sanders said.

Jen’s best friends were wowed by her dramatic transformation — a younger-looking face, a sophisticated up-do and a gorgeous pink fitted gown.

“I reached out to Amanda because I know that she’s the best at what she does,” Jen said. “Now I feel like it’s my turn, my time, my opportunity to work on myself and see what opportunities come my way.”