Amanda Sanders

Summer Date Ideas & What to Wear on Them

Amanda Sanders

It has got to be a scientific fact that summertime makes everyone happier and life all around easier. Going on dates in the summer is especially easier than the winter because warm weather unlocks a whole new door of fun summer activities. If you're having trouble thinking of fun and affordable dates to go on, look no further I'm here to help! And, of course, fashion is always on the mind so you must know all the right things to wear on these fun dates! I got you.

Food by the Water:

It's very peaceful and romantic to have a meal by a body of water. Whether it's a lake or an ocean, you

Whether it’s daytime or nighttime, you can’t go wrong with a light blue peplum dress and tan wedges! Light but vibrant colors always pop when you’re outside and by a body of water… especially blue!


Beach day

Wear your favorite bathing suit with a pair of matching flip flops to make the whole outfit match from head to toe. Subtle beaded jewelry looks earthy and oceanic at the beach, so throw some of those on! Oh, and don’t ever forget to put some large sunglasses on your face at the beach!


Drive in movie:

This date is much comfier, but don’t let that stop you from being fashionable. A sweatshirt, perhaps, but how about a mesh sweatshirt with Capri’s and flat top sneakers? This is the perfect combination of casual and trendy.


Ice cream parlor

While your chocolate vanilla swirl looks cute in your hand, you must always wear cute jewelry on ice cream dates, especially bracelets!  If you’re holding an ice cream cone in your hand you will want to pair it with a beautiful, jingly set of bracelets that will be eye catching. Also, wearing a blush toned roper would look super cute on a casual date like this.


Bike Riding

This is the date where you look athletic but always chic! Athletic Capri’s with a matching halter athletic top & bright sneakers is the perfect outfit. Don’t be afraid to wear small diamond studs to add some sparkle to your look!