Amanda Sanders

Essential Summer Accessories

Amanda Sanders

Accessories are so important for the summer time. Since you are wearing less layers due to the warmer weather, you have to dress up your outfits in a cool and chic way-- so accesorize! Here are some of the best accessories to wear in the summer time!

Big sunglasses

You can never go wrong with this classic look. Made famous by Jackie O in the 60s, large sunglasses that cover practically your whole face never go out of style and are essential to have all summers. However, change up the styles. Go for large cat eye sunglasses or squares with mirrored panels in them!

Dangle chokers

This beachey boho look is perfect for any event in the summer. There's dressier boho chokers suitable for dinners and fancier occasions as well as cute chokers to wear on a beach day! Chokers are a simple and subtle jewelry addition that will spice up any outfit!


Anklets are only acceptable in the summer because your ankles are exposed. Choose an anklet based on your personal style, whether it be boho or colorful. I personally like sparkley silver cubic zirconia diamond ones!

Big Beachy Hat

Large beach hats are a fun way to accessorize in the summer. A big hat will keep the sun out of your face as well as make you look trendy and chic. Not to mention very galmorous!

nude wedges.jpg

Nude wedges

Wedges are by far a very underrated heel. They are far more comfortable than a stiletto but still give you the lift and height you desire. Nude wedges look great on all skin types and have many affordable but stylish brands out there. Check out my article for Women's Health in the PRESS section for some of my favorite nude sandals!