Since Spring Fashion Week has come to an end, all upcoming trends are noted. Everyone in the fashion world will be replicating and recreating these trends for their own stores. Based on fashion week, here are some trends you will absolutely be seeing this upcoming fashion season.

Wide Leg Pants

This trend might take more time to be accepted due to everyone yearn to be sexy, but many designers included wide leg pants to their collections and in their fashion shows. As much as we love some skinny jeans to show off our figures, maybe it’s time for a change. The good news is that they will look good on every body type with less pressure to be sexy all the time but rather, chic!


Plaid continues to stay in trend whether we like it or not. This pattern finds a way to remain relevant through many fashion seasons, but always with a twist. The newest plaid is shown in fun colors and paired on clothes with ravishing silhouettes.


Designers looked past the typical status quo and took a risk with khaki as something more than just work pants. Khaki is being utilized this season as coats, bags, and shirts too! This trend of khaki is great because it Is considered and accepted as street wear and also as high fashion.

Banker Stripes

Are the 1940s back in style with work clothes dominating the fashion industry? Yes! New York workers are a trend of their own and they have inspired the look of banker stripes. It’s now trendy and acceptable to wear banker stripes to work (of course) but also out for the night!


Yellow is finally getting its bright recognition. After Pantone announced that one of the colors of the year would be “primrose yellow,” it was unbelievable until now. For some reason many people are frightened of the color yellow but the truth is it really can work in certain styles and with the correct undertone. People will be more open to the color yellow after realizing that designers showed a sea of yellow this season. This specific color yellow is flattering, eye catching, and perfect for spring, summer, and even some fall months too.

Foldover Waists

Wrap skirts were just making their way into trend and now they have been kicked out by their polar opposite; fold-over waists. These skirts are similar to wrap skirts but have the wrap/fold towards the waist of the skirt. Foldover waisted skirts have an interesting texture and chic silhouette perfect for accentuating your features in a unique and trendy way.


Ruffles have a soft and feminine look to them that flatters many women. In the fall, designers played around with ruffles but they were not 100% accepted until spring fashion week. A lot of celebrities and red carpets are saturated with ruffles and you can expect they’ll be all over high end and fast fashion stores. This look is super preppy but if worn the right way can be pulled off in many different styles.