Amanda Sanders

7 Romantic Valentine’s Day Looks Inspired by Movie Icons

Amanda Sanders

When we watch movies we are instantly jealous of leading actress’ lives, boyfriends, and especially their outfits. With Valentine’s Day coming up, here are some perfect outfits to wear inspired by your favorite romantic movie icons.


Red is always a classic and safe color for Valentine’s Day. Cher from Clueless exemplifies the perfect dress for a cute and flirty look. This dress is a halter top that is fit at the top while the bottom flares out. Her outfit is great for anyone going for a formal but still fun look. Finish up the outfit, pair it with some dangle earrings and a hair accessory for that gorgeous Cher look.

Legally Blonde

Elle Woods is the queen of pink. Hearts, love, and all things Valentine’s Day go hand-in-hand with the color pink. Elle’s 2004 halter top dress is a perfect pink shade for an afternoon date or a casual but classy dinner. Her bubble gum pink dress paired with corresponding pink sandals makes the look all more sweet and fabulous. This dress goes well with any jewelry piece that sparkles!


Imitate Sandy if you want a more dangerous and chic look for Valentine’s Day. Sandy’s look is an off the shoulder black top with black leather pants. Black can be boring if you do not dress it properly; especially for Valentine’s Day. To be festive on this February holiday, add red lipstick and red shoes to tie together the look; just like Sandy did! Her outfit is sexy, mysterious, and works in both casual and fancy settings.

the notebook 1.jpg

The Notebook

Allie from the Notebook has a more old school 1940s look but nonetheless still accepted by today’s fashion trends. Her red patterned dress is more conservative but still classy enough to wear out on a date. The geometric fun print of her dress is perfect for younger girls however the silhouette can be pulled off by almost all age groups. How you do your hair with this dress is crucial to the look you are trying to give off. Her curled pigtails make her look cute which is perfect for a fun and flirty date on Valentine’s Day.


Breakfast at Tiffany’s

You can never go wrong with wearing black; ever. The iconic Holly Golightly wears her romantic little black dresses throughout the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s.  This look is classic and never goes out of style. Black dresses are body flattering and attractive. Since black is a duller color to wear on Valentine’s Day, you should dress up the other parts of you with jewelry and accessories. Holly wears a large black hat with a white ribbon on it and large sunglasses. This look is timeless and forever chic.

Pretty in Pink

Lace a very romantic fabric and Andie’s prom look in the movie Pretty in Pink is inspired by lace. This dress is a high neck, high back, off-the-shoulder pink dress that is flattering on many body types and super girly. Also, to make it more girly and exciting, this dress includes monochromatic pink polka dots on it as well. This dress is romantic, edgy, and works well for a dinner date or fun night on the town!

titanic 2.jpg


Rose’s cherry red beaded gown is nothing shy of elegant. The black sheer layer overtop the red fabric creates a color combination perfect for a fancy date night. The beads and embellishments put on this dress truly do catch your eye and make it even more glamorous.  For a fancier look, put your hair in a high ponytail or bun like Rose did. For a more casual, less formal look, put loose curls your hair and add jewelry that match the beads.

By mimicking these characters looks, women can only hope that our nights will feel magical and romantic just like in the movies!