Madeline Katz

Getting the Kids Ready to go Back to School

Madeline Katz
Getting the Kids Ready to go Back to School

Not only are school supplies are a necessity for back to school, but so are a few back to school outfits. As kids are quickly growing, it is likely they won’t fit in to the same clothes they wore last year to school. Therefore, a few new outfits and maybe even a backpack are essentials before heading out for the first day of school.

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This year tie dye, plaid, stars, stripes and rainbows are popping up everywhere. But rather than trying to buy all the best prints, it’s important to have pieces that can be worn in multiple ways. To start, make sure that your child has these items in their closet for a successful transition from school to summer.

First, make sure to invest in a great pair of sneakers. Not an athletic pair, but a pair that can be worn to school, going to activities, on the weekends. Brands like Superga, Converse and Adidas have shoes that still look nice but are comfortable enough for the kids to spend the day in and succeed in school! These brands also hold up well and can be cleaned easily, as we all know kids can be messy.



Another closet staple is a zip-up sweatshirt. This is where you can play around with the on-trend patterns and maybe pull one in a fun print. Sweatshirts are important for you kid to keep with them in school when the air conditioning is blowing or when it starts to get chilly out and they have to go outside for a school activity or recess.


Jeans are another item worth investing in for the kids. They will and can wear them all the time and these days many of them feel like sweatpants so they won’t have to compromise on comfort. Getting a few pairs in a couple colors will be worth it. For example, two blue, one grey, one black and maybe a fun color or print is perfect to get them through the week (for the more casual schools). For those that need to get more dressed up khakis will do the trick!


Lastly, graphic tees are easy to throw on and super cute. These also allow your children to express themselves based on the graphic or color they choose. Some are sporty for both boy and girls while others tend to me more feminine if you have a girly-girl on your hands! The options are endless and easy to pair with jeans and sneakers.