Madeline Katz

Wearing White After Labor Day

Madeline Katz
Wearing White After Labor Day

More than a week has now passed since Labor Day and the age-old question still comes up, even today, about whether or not you can wear white after Labor Day.

 Yes, years ago, this was considered a fashion faux pas and it made you look less worthy if you left your house wearing white after Labor Day, but times have now changed and this post is here to say that is is OKAY to wear white after Labor Day (even white pants) so no need to retire your favorite jeans of the season yet or ever!!

 This might make you uncomfortable as for so many years all the whites were stored away during the colder months, but it is now time to embrace being able to wear white all year round. That’s why fashion brands, both high end and not, do design many winter whites along with a number of white fall styles as well.

 Still skeptical that this is a thing? Well here’s proof that wearing white after Labor Day looks chic and must be acceptable if influencers and fashionistas are doing it, right?!

Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 9.24.53 PM.png

The easiest way to get your white jeans to last well into winter is to pair them with boots and a sweater. And when it’s really cold throwing on a fur coat is a great way to complete the look! However, while the fall air is still crisp, pairing white jeans with a simple tee or light jacket and pumps is an effortless and chic look for the season. 

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Dressing in white jeans is easy, but when it comes to dresses and skirts that can be a little harder because even though white is acceptable after Labor Day, you don’t want to look summery when it is below freezing. This is where the winter whites come in!

Here a few looks to help inspire you rock white all year long!

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