Amanda Sanders

The Perfect Spring Colors

Amanda Sanders

With the seasonal change right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about spring wardrobe changes too! Every year after the fashion shows emerge, we pick up on different trends, styles, and silhouettes to wear. As important as all of these things are in order to be fashionable, one of the most important aspects of your outfit is color. Wearing the right (or wrong) color can make (or break) your outfit as a whole. When each season changes, the colors do also and unfortunately many people forget about that. So, when spring starts there are some colors you simply cannot wear anymore such as navy, maroon, and other deep reds. But I’m not here to talk about the negatives, I’m going to tell you the positives; the correct colors to wear this spring that will make your outfits pop and look trendy.


Let’s face it, blue looks good on all different shapes, sizes, hair colors, and skin colors. Blue is always a safe but chic color to go to however, it must be the right kind of blue. One the weather is warm and spring has sprung, you cannot wear dark blue or navy anymore. A great spring alternative is pale blues such as periwinkle or even a sky blue for a lighter more preppy feel.


For anyone with fair skin that feels reds and oranges wash them out, light peach toned clothing would look perfect on you this spring and summer season. Most people do not know, but our natural complexions have a peach tone and you should actually accentuate it rather than repel it. Wearing peach is universal for many skin tones and is especially nice to wear during the day time in the spring.


Ever since pantone announced greenery as its color of the year, people have non-stop been requesting to wear green. Most people are terrified of green in fear of its unflattering qualities. However, green, when worn in the right shade, can actually look very beautiful on most anyone. A light, pistachio green has the same greenery style but is bright enough that it doesn’t wash you out and will make you look and feel great.

Follow these color inspirations for a fun and fashionable spring season!