Madeline Katz

Summer 2019 Trends

Madeline Katz
Summer 2019 Trends

Summer is upon us and so are the new trends that you need to add to your closet. This year they and bold and fun just like how your summer should be spent. Think color and texture for this summer’s hottest trends!


First up on the list is Neon. Throwback to the 80’s! This bright and bold trend is being seen on all types of clothing and accessories. However, if you don’t think you can commit to a neon pink dress, why not try a lime green belt or neon orange shoes. Just a pop of this trend can go a long way!

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Some might equate this trend to their son or daughter who made tie dye t-shirts at camp last summer, but worn in the right way, this trend can be classy and sophisticated. Yes, tie-dye t-shirts are all the rage right now, but you can also dress this trend up. A tie-dye blazer over a white tee with white jeans should be your ultimate summer outfit this year! A tie-dye silk dress is another closet staple!

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Hair Barrettes

There are quite a few throwbacks with this season’s hottest trends, another one being hair barrettes. Coming in all sizes and shapes, there is one for everyone! Whether you want to throw in your touch of neon on your hair or find ones covered on beads or pearls, barrettes can easily dress up an outfit and add a fun twist.

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Fringe is everywhere right now! On bags, shoes, dresses, swimsuits, t-shirts, pants. This is one trend that you shouldn’t have any difficulty incorporating into your summer wardrobe. This summer’s fringe trend does not mean boho chic, as some might be thinking. Fringe is now being seen on a plethora of different styles.

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Bike Shorts

Who would have thought bike shorts would be on the Summer 2019 trend list!? This trend might not be for everyone, BUT worn the right way, they can look very chic! Yes, they can be worn for working out, which is still just as trendy, but you can also pair them with heel and a fun top for a night out. In addition, pairing with a blazer (to dress them up) or a denim jacket (for a more casual look) are two other ways to style these shorts that you probably never thought you’d be wearing outside of the gym.

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