Madeline Katz

The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

Madeline Katz
The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

With the sun beating down very hard this summer, it’s important to have good sunglasses to protect your eyes. Sunglasses are also a great summer accessory that can really make or break an outfit. There are so many different styles, shapes and colors to choose from it can sometimes be hard to decide which ones you like. With that being said it’s important to know the type of sunglasses that will look best for your face shape (and it will help narrow down your options)!

Heart-shaped face

For those whose face resembles a heart, the best shape of sunglasses for your face would be a more round shape. This is referring to glasses such as a cat eye, oval or circular shaped frame. It is best to wear neutral colored frames and lenses as with a heart shaped face you don’t want to over accentuate your forehead.



Oblong shaped faces tend to look best in over-sized sunglasses. With such a narrow face, you want to be sure not to wear a narrow frame that will only make your face look longer.



Oval faces are often most balanced and therefore you should be able to pull off most sunglasses, however the best shape for an oval face is usually an aviator. But don’t be shy, experimenting with different shapes can be a good thing for someone with an oval shaped face!



When your face tends to look more square, going with a shape opposite to your own face shape like a round, oval or cat-eye sunglass is the way to go. These sunglasses help to balance out the natural curves of your own face shape.



Similar, to those with a square face, the best shape sunglasses for someone with a round face is a rectangular lens or even another geometric shape. Generally wider lenses also tend to look best with someone who has a round face.