Amanda Sanders

Spring Fever Satisfied at Vivaldi Boutique

Amanda Sanders
Spring Fever Satisfied at Vivaldi Boutique

It’s almost Spring – (finally!) and you know what that means: Spring fashion. Time to put away those stuffy turtleneck sweaters, worn out wooly coats, and clunky snow boots and to make room for more elegant styles, new fashions, and new possibilities!

But where do you go in New York to find a special new spring look? Sure, there are department stores; you could always look online – it's not as if there are a shortage of clothing stores – but what if you’re looking for a more personalized shopping experience? Where can you go to find the freshest designer looks while avoiding being overwhelmed? As an Image Consultant, I have a lot of people ask me for store recommendations. If someone is is looking to revamp their wardrobe and unsure of where to start the process, or is simply looking for a great luxury shopping experience, I always recommend Vivaldi Boutique.


Vivaldi Boutique sits at 1388 3rd Ave, on the corner of 3rd Avenue and 79th street on New York City’s Upper East Side where they’ve been for 25 years. I visited recently to see their new Spring inventory and chat with the owner, David Trugerman. David told me they get a lot of clients like this who want to make a change in their wardrobe but don’t quite know where to start. That’s where David and his expert team of Hanz, Ceal, Veronica, and Kelly come in. I like to think of the staff at Vivaldi as a guiding light in a beautiful, but possibly overwhelmingly so, sea of clothing, hats, scarves, and bags. Their mantra is that buying clothes shouldn’t be a struggle. “We will bend over backwards and twist ourselves into a pretzel for the client,” says David. That means they will come in early, stay late, take care of custom orders and alterations, and even visit you at to your home - whatever they can do to make the experience more comfortable for the client. Vivaldi is where luxury meets great customer service.

No matter how unsure a client is when they walk through Vivaldi’s doors, David and his staff will use their experience, knowledge, and friendly demeanor to transform that client into a confident buye. From evening gowns by Marchesa, Naeem Khan and Yolancris, to wardrobe staples, to beautiful hats, scarves, and bags, every article of clothing at Vivaldi has been hand selected by the staff to suit their clientele’s needs and preferences. When you enter the store, a member of the staff will greet you warmly, get to know you, what you’re looking for and then assist you in your shopping while putting you completely at ease. You can sense the amount of experience and skill they possess which translates into making it very easy to make a purchase or decide to make a major change to your wardrobe. “It’s one of those things where you don’t realize how much you know until you start talking about it,” David says.


It quickly becomes obvious that the staff at Vivaldi are fashion experts when you see the boutique's beautifully stocked clothing racks and chicly dressed mannequins. The store stays fashion forward and up-to-date on trends without sacrificing any of its dedication to timeless elegance and class. Vivaldi's new Spring and Summer fashion inventory follows this rule of finding the happy medium between trendy and timeless. What's this season's chicest trend, you ask? “The big trend you’ll see this Spring season is this pink, lavender color. It’s not pink and it’s not lavender, but it’s somewhere in the middle," says David.


Whether you’re looking specifically for something in this trendy spring shade, searching for the perfect dress for an upcoming special occasion, or just doing some spring wardrobe cleaning, stop into Vivaldi! As a personal stylist myself, I know how overwhelming an experience shopping can be when mishandled. That's why I love to recommend Vivaldi Boutique to my clients. I know that I can trust David and his staff to make the experience enjoyable and successful.