Pop of Color in the Winter

It can be difficult to keep your wardrobe fun and trendy throughout the harsh winter. The cold weather mixed with 5pm sunsets has you feeling more tired, lazy, and dreading getting out of bed in the morning (unless there’s coffee waiting for you when you do get up). Unfortunately, our outfits can sometimes reflect the laziness and negative feelings we have about the winter. We are all guilty of having our closets filled with different clothes but we always chose the same blacks, grays, whites, and neutrals to throw on just because it is easier. “Easy” is one adjective to call it but over time you could start to feel, the two dreaded B’s, boring and basic. Luckily, current trends are responding to the lack of motivation we have these winter months and have made it easier to be fashion forward. Here are a few simple ways to spice up your everyday outfits in order to help you feel more vibrant and alive the remaining winter months and still be super trendy!



When you wear fun colors you are more likely to enjoy your day and be more productive. If you are less of a risk taker and want to start somewhere easy try throwing a bold colored handbag over your shoulder to make your outfit more radiant. Sometimes, you are what you wear; dull colors make you feel dingy, so wearing bold colors will help you feel more daring and fashionable. Handbags can sometimes tie together an entire look so they are a great place to start.


Stripes are great way to incorporate color in everyday fashion. Designers typically utilize stripes to outline a silhouette or to draw attention to a particular area. Stripes are flashy. For a bolder look, wear something with many stripes in many different colors. If you don’t think you can pull off many colors at once, try going with a basic two-tone striped shirt, skirt, or handbag. Two-tone can be very eye catching since they usually contrast in colors, such as black and white, which creates vibrancy.



Although real flowers do not start to bloom until April, many designers have been showing and accepting florals for winter months. Flower prints and designs are an easy way to add color to your outfits as well as portray a more feminine and pretty look. You can find floral prints all over dresses, jackets, and even heels in today’s clothing stores.


Thick, chunky heels are in style right now and no one is complaining about it. Let’s face it, we love high heels but they are draining. The second your feet start to ache or swell, everything starts to become a little more complicated. Thick heeled shoes allow the femininity of a heel without needing an intense foot massage afterward. This is the perfect balance of comfort and fashion. Your shoes are also a great way to add color into your ensemble. Match your chunky heels with the same color scarf, earrings, or jacket to make your outfit pop from head to toe (literally).




Once your outfit is finally put together and you think you have caught a break, now you need to find some matching jewelry and accessories. Wearing too many pieces of jewelry can tend to look overwhelming and messy. To make things easier, statement earrings are back to save the day. If you’re ever in a rush, put on one pair of statement earrings that are eye grabbing enough to make up your entire accessories look.


Adding color and comfort to your daily outfits will help you get through the remaining winter months. The upside is that you will be much happier and still be on trend!