Amanda Sanders
Amanda Sanders
Best NYC Personal Shopper & Fashion Consultant

About Well Suited NYC


Well Suited NYC is the brain child of two native New York City girlfriends that met in the prestigious Fame High School. As Manhattanites, It was a natural fit, Amanda Sanders being a celebrity stylist (best known for her 15 year relationship with Chris Rock), and Christina Wilson who developed a fashion handbag company targeting edgy fearless women. Amanda found the demand in a more casual environment where men no longer wanted ties, they needed an accessory to dress up their suits. Most men feeling intimidated at folding a traditional pocket square, felt much more comfortable with her making pre folded squares for them. Merging together Amanda’s style sense and Christina’s expertise in product development, the perfected “Ready to Wear” pocket square was born. The pre- folded pocket squares are made with high quality fabric, assist men in a perfect fold for a sophisticated look and stay flush in a suit pocket unlike the traditional pocket square. True to it’s inspiration, Well Suited NYC pocket squares are handmade in NYC. They have appeared in the pockets of Ted Danson, Chris Rock, Jeff Goldblum and countless others.

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