Madeline Katz

The Belt Bag: How to Wear this Wardrobe Essential

Madeline Katz
The Belt Bag: How to Wear this Wardrobe Essential

Belt bags are back and trendier than ever. They come in numerous styles and shapes and the best part of all is that there are so many ways to wear them, rather than being confined to around the waist, like the name might suggest. Whether you consider your style to be rocker chic or you give off more of a preppy vibe, there’s a belt bag that’s just right for you. You can find them in leather, neoprene, nylon - the list goes on and on.  Now the question is, how can they be worn other than like a belt?

Here, you can learn the three most popular ways to style your favorite bag of the season.

Around the Waist


The first way to wear the belt bag is exactly how the name sounds: Around the Waist. You can simply wear this bag around your waist to throwback to the classic fanny pack look.

When wearing a bag like this at the waist, it is best to wear it in a slouchy form slung low at the hip, but just tight enough that it won’t fall off. If you’re wearing the kind with a real belt around the waist then you can even string it through your belt loops to ensure it will stay on throughout the day.

Over the Shoulder


Did you think waist bags were only meant to be worn around your waist? Think again! Now, fashionistas are wearing them like a shoulder bag.

This might seem like a crazy idea to carry a bag like this simply over your shoulder, but this type of bag is actually the perfect size to tuck under your arm and go about your daily activities. The great part about them is that you can also adjust the strap to your liking, which is something you can’t do with most “real” shoulder bags making this kind of bag perfectly suited to fit your size and style.

Across the Body


The third way to style a belt bag is just like your favorite crossbody bag.

Think the easiness of throwing on a crossbody bag combined with the compact shape and style of a fanny pack and there you have the new version of the crossbody. Belt bags are so versatile and if you love a classic crossbody then there is no reason not love wearing a belt bag slung across your body. The shorter strap keeps your valuables closer to you and also makes it easy to open up and search the contents of the bag while on the move without having to worry about anything falling out! This bag will really give you the quintessential hands-free style to take out on the town.