Amanda Sanders


Amanda Sanders


It’s an all too common scenario. The work day is ending. You must finish up some work for a deadline, and you are meeting your girlfriends in less than an hour for drinks and dinner. You look at the clock and feel trapped, realizing that you don’t have nearly enough time to run home and change outfits. Your business casual attire will not look appropriate while letting loose with friends for a night on the town. The situation might seem hopeless, but with some appropriate outfit planning, this problem could become a thing of the past.

Many women have absolutely no problem finding clothes that are appropriate for work. She is also delighted when she finds a “cute top” that shows some skin and grabs fascination and curiosity. The trickier thing to do is to find pieces and outfits that are a happy medium. The right outfit that will get some casual compliments at the cubical and be the envy of many for a night out. This concept is known as a day to night style, which with the correct assistance is a fabulous way to balance a busy day and night. 

Many have looked for that one chic look that kills two birds with one stone. The first way to achieve this continuous look is to plan an outfit that only has a simple adjustment. By this I mean using a blazer or cardigan to disguise the parts of a look that are much to risqué for work. For instance, if you are planning on wearing a backless form fitting dress for that night bar hopping, tastefully cover all exposed skin with a structured and fitted blazer that screams “in control executive”. Or if you have a sleeveless romper on the agenda, pair it with a long knit cardigan which will take your look to a stunning business casual moment. If you are planning on wearing a low cut dress that would reveal an inappropriate amount of leg, try tucking the dress into a knee length pleated skirt or straight leg trousers. Remember all sheer or see through pieces should be covered with a tank top or camisole till you can stuff it into your purse after clocking out. 

Some pieces need absolutely no modifications. For example, a formfitting jumpsuit can cover enough for a meeting with associates and also provide that wow factor for strangers to take notice from across the bar. Some other pieces that also does double duty are printed blazers, maxi skirts, silk blouses, and rompers (if your office allows). Some shoes that transition from day to night are pointy stilettos, strappy sandals, three to five inch wedges, and tall leather boots. 

Save an extra hour by going straight from your desk to your evening plans, and no change of clothes needed!