Amanda Sanders
Amanda Sanders
Best NYC Personal Shopper & Fashion Consultant

Transgender Styling Services


I will help with a seamless transformation, whether it be male-to-female or female-to-male makeovers. I'll provide you with guidance in clothing, makeup and hair. Transgender men and women need to become highly proficient in many new areas to present an image which matches their identity. To bring out a natural look, transgender clients often seek out my help. I can help you specifically pick out makeup, apparel, jewelry, wigs, footwear and accessories to suit their personality and appearance.

I am dedicated to offering transgender makeover services such as makeup lessons, shopping sessions, wig or extension consultations, photo-shoots and cosmetic guidance. These “practical” sessions along with practice sessions help one to gather everything they need to feel confident enough to live a full, successful, rewarding life with an identity that you have longed to embrace. My makeover services will provide a private shopping experience, lessons on understanding style, body type, lifestyle, brand, fit and color.

One of the other major concerns with the transgender population is the right accessories, whether it be color, wig style/shade or their issues with shopping for the femme items. I can help in building an elegant demeanor along with feminine skills, such as conversation and expression. I understand that everyone’s journey is a different and personal experience. By offering my help and utilizing my talents, I hope to create a stronger transgender community by building confident social attitudes and self-esteem while looking fabulous!

My Makeover Services:

I offer many services to fulfill the need of clients who are looking for a gender-based transformation. These services are extremely customized to suit the individual tastes and needs of the client. I start with a consultation, to understand you expectations and how you want to portray yourself. The makeover sessions are private and highly focused on protecting confidentiality.

I help the transgender community with:

Dressing with confidence:

I often review clients’ existing wardrobes and give advice and styling tips based on what you currently have. I  help my clients find the best size and fit for their body-type. Our ultimate goal is to give our clients the tools and knowledge they need to ultimately wardrobe shop for themselves.

Along with helping to select the right look, I also provide special transgender image consultation services and practical lessons to make our clients feel comfortable. 

We assist in selecting an assortment of looks and ensembles (combinations of outfits, jewelry, shoes and accessories) that suit individual styles and tastes.

Hair / Makeup:

I offer complete transgender makeup and hair services that include special attention to eyes, lips, face contour, eyebrows, facial hair and complexion to give that perfect natural look without looking overdone. I'll work according to your level of comfort and cater to your individual’s personal style. I also offer face contouring services where together we can choose the right shades and blushes that suit the overall look, highlighting cheekbones and facial dimensions.

One of the most crucial requirements for a transgender man is their choice of wigs. There is a whole host of wigs in multiple styles, colors and textures that one can choose from, and selecting the perfect wig can prove to be quite difficult. Each client comes with their own set of expectations regarding their appearance; I try to fulfill all their wishes through a special assortment of wigs. I can provide fitting sessions and help you pick the look that suits them perfectly.

Along with helping you pick the right dress and accessories, I also provide special consultation services and practical lessons that help you feel absolutely comfortable in your new wardrobe.I'm dedicated to helping the transgender community for many years to come by helping them feel beautiful.