Amanda Sanders
Amanda Sanders
Best NYC Personal Shopper & Fashion Consultant


Amanda is simply amazing. I have worked with Amanda for several years. Our first meeting was very comfortable and exciting to see what I would learn. Amanda puts you at ease, she listens and she makes you look and feel your best. Amanda has helped me understand what works best for me and it has saved me money since I have the knowledge of what I wear well and don't spend money on items I won't wear. We have worked together to choose a work appropriate wardrobe, wedding/formal outfits, vacation/resort outfits which travel with ease and fit into one suitcase...a magic act to witness. Amanda pays attention to detail, she treats each client as an individual with individual needs & style concerns. When you are finished with your consult with Amanda, you walk away looking and feeling your best. A new found confidence. Amanda is professional, honest, gifted and she listens to her clients. I highly recommend Amanda Sanders.


I had an amazing experience with Amanda last weekend. I’ve reached out to Amanda a little over a week in advance for style makeover / shopping assistance.

She called me back very quickly to go over my goals and expectations and was very flexible to accommodate my tight visiting-from-out-of-town schedule.

We have met at Bloomingdales and the way Amanda navigates that space using the help of associates as needed is purely amazing. We were rather limited on time and the use of that time by Amanda was spectacular. She was staying focused and very steadily and efficiently was working towards established objectives. She knew exactly what she was doing walking me through decisions she was making with a very good feeling of where she should push me a little further away from my comfort zone and where I may not be ready to do so yet. At the end of the day after just a little over three hours spend with Amanda I walked out with about 7 ready-to-wear outfits for several different occasions, confidence that I look fabulous in all of them and I enjoyed every minute I had spent with Amanda. There was 0 pressure to buy anything, on the other hand Amanda made sure things that were not “perfect” remained on the rack. I rushed out of my shopping experience with Amanda for the hair appointment with her hairdresser who did fantastic job making me look like a star. I ended up having to run for my dinner right after. I just pulled the dress out of my big brown bag and was feeling New York chic, beautiful, and totally worthy Michelin star restaurant I was headed to.

I had an amazing weekend in New York. Starting it by Amanda and her team was a very special. Amanda is amazing, dedicated to making your wishes come true, running her operations confidently and smoothly, going extra mile to ensure that nothing in your makeover experience distracts you from becoming the new you yourself are going to fall in love with.


Meeting with Amanda has really improved my life. During our three hour visit, she educated me about how to talk about and look for clothes that would suit me best, and she helped me pick out seven outfits that have served me well ever since. Shopping has become a lot more fun and more productive since we met as well. I feel more confident, my dating life has improved, and I get compliments all the time. Definitely worth it.