Amanda Sanders
Amanda Sanders
NYC's Top Fashion Consultant & Personal Shopper



Amanda is simply amazing. I have worked with Amanda for several years. Our first meeting I was very comfortable and exciting to see what I would learn. Amanda puts you at ease, she listens and she makes you look and feel your best. Amanda has helped me understand what works best for me and it has saved me money since I have the knowledge of what I wear well and don't spend money on items I won't wear. We have worked together to choose a work appropriate wardrobe, wedding/formal outfits, vacation/resort outfits which travel with ease and fit into one suitcase...a magic act to witness. Amanda pays attention to detail, she treats each client as an individual with individual needs & style concerns. When you are finished with your consult with Amanda, you walk away looking and feeling your best. A new found confidence. Amanda is professional, honest, gifted and she listens to her clients. I highly recommend Amanda Sanders.


Chris Rock

Amanda ROCKS! I have been working with Amanda since 1997 when we began filming “The Chris Rock Show.” From there she became my longtime friend and personal stylist. She dressed me for every big event including the 1999 and 2000 MTV Video Music Awards, and our biggest moment together is when she dressed me to host the Academy Awards in 2005. With her guidance I feel at my best and stood out while still being comfortable and true to myself.



I had an amazing experience with Amanda last weekend. I’ve reached out to Amanda a little over a week in advance for style makeover / shopping assistance.

She called me back very quickly to go over my goals and expectations and was very flexible to accommodate my tight visiting-from-out-of-town schedule.

We have met at Bloomingdales and the way Amanda navigates that space using the help of associates as needed is purely amazing. We were rather limited on time and the use of that time by Amanda was spectacular. She was staying focused and very steadily and efficiently was working towards established objectives. She knew exactly what she was doing walking me through decisions she was making with a very good feeling of where she should push me a little further away from my comfort zone and where I may not be ready to do so yet. At the end of the day after just a little over three hours spend with Amanda I walked out with about 7 ready-to-wear outfits for several different occasions, confidence that I look fabulous in all of them and I enjoyed every minute I had spent with Amanda. There was 0 pressure to buy anything, on the other hand Amanda made sure things that were not “perfect” remained on the rack. I rushed out of my shopping experience with Amanda for the hair appointment with her hairdresser who did fantastic job making me look like a star. I ended up having to run for my dinner right after. I just pulled the dress out of my big brown bag and was feeling New York chic, beautiful, and totally worthy Michelin star restaurant I was headed to.

I had an amazing weekend in New York. Starting it by Amanda and her team was a very special. Amanda is amazing, dedicated to making your wishes come true, running her operations confidently and smoothly, going extra mile to ensure that nothing in your makeover experience distracts you from becoming the new you yourself are going to fall in love with.



Meeting with Amanda has really improved my life. During our three hour visit, she educated me about how to talk about and look for clothes that would suit me best, and she helped me pick out seven outfits that have served me well ever since. Shopping has become a lot more fun and more productive since we met as well. I feel more confident, my dating life has improved, and I get compliments all the time. Definitely worth it.


DESIREE D. LEE- Director of Field Sales Engineering at Skyport Systems

Amanda has an intuitive ability to understand how someone could best present themselves. Then, she makes it happen. 

For many people, overhauling a personal image can be an emotional experience; to get from Before to After requires navigating a minefield of preconceptions about style and body that are likely false. Amanda leads her clients through this experience with a sense of humor and - when needed - a blunt dose of truth. Working with Amanda has more than returned the investment; I would recommend her to anyone who believes that their image doesn't match what they want to say to world (and also to anyone who just wants a "spirit guide" during their shopping experiences!).


WILLY KY- Surgeon at Long Island Eye Surgeons

One's appearance communicates not only how much respect they have for the company they're with, but also for themselves and their profession. Amanda is style consultant for international celebrities, who also offers her expertise in helping "regular" people, like us. While skeptical at first, I now realize that it was one of the wisest investments that I've ever made. If you're interested in looking your best, either for work, personal....etc, don't hesitate to reach out to Amanda. The only regret you'll have is that you didn't do so earlier.


SHAWNA WILSON- Sales Vice President at Frito-Lay

When I first moved to NYC from Dallas Texas my style needed refreshed and refined. Amanda was a God spend. She sent a day going through my closet and helping me to cull down my wardrobe. After which she took me shopping and helped me understand what types and cuts of clothes were most flattering for my body type. Amanda challenged my comfort zone and helped me realize that I could wear styles that I was apprehensive about. Amanda topped everything off with coordinating an update of my hair and make-up. Within one week I looked like a million bucks and and had a ton of self-confidence.


CAROLINE PHILPOTT- Product and Development Management

Amanda is a chameleon of all sorts when it comes to the fashion world. She has the innate ability to take a look at a person, and after speaking to them briefly, tell them exactly what adjustments need to be made to their wardrobe to meet their goals. After shopping with her several times, I can tell you that she has lot of respect for her customers and ends up changing their lives. Her criticisms are constructed based on her many years of experience and exposure to television - she is clearly a wise woman. She has won over a customer for life!


TED TODD- Founder at Ted Todd Insurance

My son had just moved to NYC after graduation in 2010.

I suggested he contact a style consultant to help him adjust
to New York City style vs a lifetime of casual Florida clothing.

Amanda, was the perfect choice. She put together many choices at some of the top fitting rooms in the city for a very reasonable price as well as educating my son in the process.

We were so pleased that my wife and I also consulted with Amanda and truly enjoyed and valued the experience.

I strongly recommend Amanda for any style consultation needs.


ALICIA SYRETT- Founder and CEO at Pantegroin Capitol LLC

Amanda is amazing at her job. I have recommended her to multiple people who have also raved about her. Her effect on clients is literally life-changing, and I don't say that lightly. She is authentic and cares deeply about doing the best job she can for her clients. I won't hesitate to recommend her again any time in the future.



Amanda is fantastic, honest, quick, friendly, professional, smart, with-it & fun to work with! She has a great eye, & she helped me edit my closet. She & her services are a real game changer. We shop together & she gets amazing stuff for me casual and dress. Amanda refers to an hair salon, tailor, optical services, dentist, and more and all from the top in the city! I'm using Amanda for my entire wardrobe & shop with her only. My image rocks thanks to her! I have a lot of fun shopping with Amanda! I cannot say enough good things and I truly give her way more than 5 stars!


DIANA CALVO- Managing Director, Advisory, Insurance, KPMG US.

Working with Amanda to upgrade my professional and personal image - wardrobe and accessories - has been an incredible experience. She instinctively knows what brands and styles are most flattering to my size and shape, and with her help I am able to accentuate my best features. She asks questions to understand the look I am trying to achieve and then makes it come alive. She brings her own ideas to help me get out of my comfort zone, but is never too pushy. She is cost conscious, always thinking of how to make the most of my budget, and she looks for pieces that can be mixed and matched to create multiple outfits. Over time, as my image needs have changed, she has shown her versatility in successfully creating new looks and styles to meet my needs. After working with Amanda I felt good about how I looked for the first time in my life. This increased confidence has spread into other aspects of my life and has truly been a blessing.


STEVE RUSSELL- Managing Director at Morgan StanLEy

I reached out to Amanda because I needed a new wardrobe after some weight loss (and if truth be told, before). She was a pleasure to work with. We did an initial closet consult, which in my case was easy because I needed everything. In terms of clothing needs, I'm a tech exec at a bank, so I span the gamut from high end suits to jeans and a shirt plus vacationwear. We did 2 4 hours shopping sessions (one for Fall, one for Spring) and got everything I needed. The complements started rolling in immediately and haven't stopped since.


JOANNE CHAN- Medical Office Manager

Amanda is a dedicated, personable and professional personal stylist. She understands my needs and selects just the most appropriate outfits for my use. She shops for my work and vacation. I feel good about myself and my husband likes my new style. I highly recommend Amanda to any ladies who want a fresh look for any reason - new year, new job, new relationship, or for no apparent reason at all! Amanda can help!


NANCY FRIEDMAN- Owner Nancy J. Friedman Public Relations

Amanda made a huge impact on my life. She elevated my style, introduced me to Emir who improved my hair and makeup dramatically and got me into shape! My professional and personal life were so enhanced under her guidance. Thank you, Amanda!!


BENEFSHEH VERELL- Chief, Bilateral Verell

I went to Amanda about 10 years ago for a consult and had a fantastic experience. I still use the principles she taught me about dressing for my body type and skin tone and purchasing classic pieces. I'm complemented frequently on my style and outfits. She helped me to understand how looking put together on the outside absolutely has a positive effect on my confidence. It is clear the value she provides lasts a lifetime and I'm glad to see she's still helping people. Thank you Amanda!

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