Amanda Sanders
Amanda Sanders
NYC's Top Fashion Consultant & Personal Shopper

Men’s MakeoverS


Are you frustrated and confused when standing in front of your closet? Do you end up wearing the same outfits, time after time, even though you have a closet full of clothes? Are you tired of being led to foolish choices by a commission driven salesperson, still worrying about what impression you make on a first date or professional introduction?

Take charge of your look and call me at (212) 879-5790.


The answer to your problems is here – whether you need the right look for that all-important business meeting, something business casual, a special event, or a first date, you have finally found the men’s image experts that you were wishing for.

Let me provide you with a complete, improved, and original look to match your personality and lifestyle from head-to-toe. With my extensive knowledge and experience, I will transform your look and style in a short period of time and in the most noticeable ways all while saving you time, money, and effort.

What makes me stand out from the competition is that I don’t stop with just a selection of outfits and a revamped closet; I go much further to help you craft your own unique style, teach you how to maintain and adapt that style over time, how to shop with purpose and precision, and much more.



The first over-the-phone consultation is free. I need to know what you'd like to accomplish with my help, what your personality is like, your career goals, and your ambitions. Do you have a life or career changing event on the horizon? After the first consultation, we will meet in person and work together to accomplish your goals.

My Men's Makeover gives you everything you need through a few steps:

Building a Successful Wardrobe:

  • I'll teach you how to organize your closet effectively

  • I'll help you decide which garments to keep and which to discard

  • We'll expand your wardrobe with a few new pieces

  • I'll brief you on garment maintenance

  • I'll teach how to mix and match colors and textures for maximum style impact


You will learn:

  • What type of store caters to your needs

  • Which brands are designed for you

  • A clothing list for each season

  • When a "sale" is not a sale

  • How to comparison shop

  • How to further your understanding about contemporary men's fashion through magazines

  • Advantages and disadvantages of various fabrics

  • How to identify quality workmanship

Men's Grooming:

Proper grooming is essential to your appearance, so I'll help you with:

  • Haircuts and styling

  • Eyebrow, ear, nose, and facial hair trimming

  • Cosmetic dentistry – teeth whitening

  • Nail care

  • Removal of unwanted body hair – laser

  • Solutions to baldness

  • Skin care options

  • Cosmetic enhancement procedure options

Identifying & Maximizing Your Best Physical Qualities:

Everyone has their strong points, I'll show you how to accentuate yours by:

  • Playing down your problem areas by maximizing your strengths

  • Balancing an outfit with color and textures

  • Having style and flair in spite of physical shortcomings

  • Breaking outdated fashion rules

  • Choosing complementary colors

  • Knowing what works for you and why it works

  • Considering cosmetic enhancement procedure options

  • Looking for the distinctive stamps of workmanship

Constructing a Diet & Fitness Program:

Living a healthy life is so essential to success. I'll help you with:

  • Studying and discussing your eating habits

  • Finding easy lifestyle solutions you can live with

  • Developing a fitness program that you will enjoy

  • Setting realistic goals

How & What to Pack on a Trip:

No-one's life is complete without travel, but traveling in style is difficult. I'll help you to learn how to:

  • Only pack the essentials

  • Identify the basic needs for business trips, golf or tennis outings, vacations, etc

  • Pack for exotic travel

  • Pack the perfect toiletry bag

  • Choose the right luggage

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