Amanda Sanders
Amanda Sanders
NYC's Top Fashion Consultant & Personal Shopper

Declutter your closet:
What to toss, keep and buy


by Andreea Ciulac   February 13th, 2017


You might think of February as a month dedicated to love, but it's also the best time to channel your inner minimalist and declutter your closet in preparation for spring.

While cathartic, the process can also be daunting. Trying to figure out what wardrobe staples to keep, what to toss and what new trend pieces to add might not be as easy as it seems.


We turned to Amanda Sanders, New York personal shopper and stylist whose clients include celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Rock.

Here are Sanders' tried-and-true strategies for decluttering:

Toss: Do it without emotion

With decluttering, it can be easy to fall into the all-or-nothing mentality. "Don't throw away everything," advised Sanders. Instead, she suggests making an inventory of all your spring and summer clothes and seeing what still fits.

Band of Gypsies floral wrap dress is perfect for layering under a denim jacket, $55, (Nordstrom)

Toss things that are discolored or have lost their shape. It's OK to hold onto clothes with sentimental value — like that flowy engagement dress — as long as you store them away in a box. But don't keep out-of-style pieces hoping they'll make a comeback. "When they do, it's a different vogue," Sanders pointed out.

Keep: Timeless pieces and staples

Quality, timeless pieces, can be spruced up with a visit to the tailor, as Sanders did with her Chanel dresses. "They weren't as nipped in the waist as I would like, or the sleeves weren't as tight as they should be."

At this point, you should be left with only a dozen pieces. Don't panic.

These are the cornerstone of your spring wardrobe and will go with just about anything — the dark skinny jeans, the jean jacket, the crisp white shirt you wear from office to club.

Madewell cotton denim jacket is a classic that never goes out of style, $118, (Madewell)

Other essentials worth your closet space? A classic black blazer; a bright colored bag, a pair of animal print flats, a little black dress to go from day to night.

And here's a spring outfit you can't go wrong with: black blazer, dark skinny jeans or pencil skirt, white shirt and animal print shoes. "For a pop of color, add a rich blue or red bag" noted Sanders.

Add: Seasonal trend pieces

Remember that you don't need to adopt all of this season's trends. Instead, Sanders recommended focusing on a couple: This spring, look for cold shoulder blouses, cropped pants and floral pattern dresses.

Each of them is extremely versatile.

The cold shoulder top, for instance, can be paired with skinny jeans and wedges that you already own or, for an office-appropriate look, wear it with a black pencil skirt and classic nude pumps. Maxi dresses and blouses in floral patterns can be worn under a jean jacket.

Comme des Garcons Play heart woven cotton shirt has just the right amount of a twist to make it modern, $255, (Nordstrom)

If your style is more feminine, experiment with lace, another must this season.

Sanders advised mixing a lace top or pant with a masculine black blazer.

But don't postpone shopping for what's in style until the weather turns balmy. Stores are always one season ahead, Sanders explained.

"Better buy now and return, than find out it's not there anymore," she said.